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Writers of all types, skill and experience levels are invited to join the Ohio Writers' Association. Members of the OWA enjoy a variety of exclusive benefits.

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Memebership fees fund the projects and events that the organization provides for the community. Membership fees also fund our certification compliance efforts. You do not need to be a member to attend workshops or most events.

Peer Membership - Free

  • Access to Workshop Materials
  • Access to Online Contests
  • Notice of New Publishing Opportunities

Supporting Member - $10/year

  • All Free Membership Perks +
  • Submission to Publishing Projects
  • Access to Online Workshop (Peer Critique)

Writer Member - $35/year

  • All Supporting Membership Perks +
  • Eligible for OWA Professional Writer Certifications
  • Eligible for listing in OWA's Writer Directory
  • Discount on Classes and Conferences

Patron Member - $100/year

  • All Writer Membership Perks +
  • The gratitude of a grateful community of writers

Underwriter - $1,000/year

  • All Patron Membership Perks +
  • Periodic mention in Newsletters, Promotions and Communications
  • Listed as an Underwriter on OWA Website and Conference Materials

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Some of the perks of each membership level are listed on this page. Writer Members get access to lots of cool features, like our online feedback forum, discounts on classes and conferences, and more!

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