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About Columbus Creative Cooperative

Columbus Creative Cooperative was founded in 2010 with a dual mission. We are both a resource for Ohio writers and an independent publisher of local literature.

Our first goal is to provide a network for honest peer feedback and collaboration for writers in the Central Ohio area. We accomplish this by providing writer's workshops, which are basically just peer review sessions. Writers of all skill levels and backgrounds are invited to join us. Learn more.

Our second goal is to help local writers find ways to make their efforts economically worthwhile. We accomplish this by periodically publishing collective anthologies of short stories. We sell our anthologies to a primarily local audience by utilizing a local distribution network of small businesses. Our co-op members are also encouraged to sell their own books, and are compensated for doing so. Learn more.

The co-op relies on the support and participation of readers, writers and local businesses in order to function. Unlike traditional publishers, we also sell advertising space in the form of sponsorships to local businesses. This helps us to offset the increased cost of smaller print runs. In addition, we rely on local businesses to retail our book. Book stores can be difficult to work with, but local restaurants, coffee shops, retailers and offices that choose to sell the co-op's materials can expect a healthy profit margin, as well as the undying gratitude of the local writing community. Learn more.

The Columbus Creative Cooperative is not a non-profit organization, but in many cases, it functions as one. Although the co-op is technically the property of a local business for legal reasons, there is no owner that profits simply for ownership. As best as possible, the proceeds from our anthologies are distributed directly to the writers and other collaborators.

For more information about the Columbus Creative Cooperative, please visit our blog or feel free to contact us.